Racial Tension And Unintended Consequences Hurt Free Speech and

Well, we still have a problem in America on the issue of race, and it is fairly obvious when you consider your own experiences out in public. Today, for instance, I went up to a cashier to pay for my purchases, and the young gal said she too loves to get a "good deal" when shopping and she admitted that her favorite day of the year is "Black Friday" and she gets in line at 9:30 to 10:00 PM waiting for the stores to open at Midnight, and rushes in to get the best deals with the stampede, she loves it. Of course, this article isn't really about shopping as much as it is about racism and hurt feelings in America.

You see, Eric Holder of the US Justice Department said in the media that "As Americans we are chickens when it comes to race," in that we won't talk about it, everyone avoids it, and then we all pretend there are no race issues, racism, as we practice our political correctness. Well, he's right about that and I had an interesting experience today, and I'll use this as my case study for this article.

After this conversation with the gal at the check-out there was a pleasant black guy behind me, and I say this because he had more items and allowed me to go ahead of him. Perhaps, he didn't hear the entire conversation properly between myself and the Hispanic gal, check-out cashier, and he said "you should call it White Friday," and I just laughed and said "White Friday?" and then he said "Hey now, be careful there," and it was hard to tell if he was kidding or not. You see the problem here?

I couldn't tell if he was kidding or miffed that we were calling it "Black Friday" which is as you know the day after Thanksgiving, when everyone goes shopping for Christmas, and it is called "Black Friday" because most of the retailers are in the "red ink" until then, when they start to make a profit. In business accounting "in the black" is making a profit, and "in the red" is showing a loss.

Now then, it is entirely possible that this individual was just playing with us, using the play on words, having to with the word black. The reality that he was even able to do that speaks to the fears of being called a racist, and it is a form of keeping everyone politically correct in our society. There's nothing wrong with poking a little fun at a play on words in that case, it was kind of humorous, still by leaving everything ambiguous, while making everyone uneasy really speaks to the problems of this racial topic being swept under the carpet in our society. He made me think, and good for him. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.