A Quick Note on the Economy - If the Shoe Fits

Has there ever been a better time to build a home based business?

I personally know several Network Marketing, and Direct Sales companies making HUGE LEAPS in this new economy.

Why is this happening, when everything else seems to be going down the tubes???

It's all about Perception, and how you feel about what is occurring around you.

You've probably heard the story of two major shoe manufacturers that each sent a representative to a newly discovered island. They wanted to see the possibility of opening up an outlet in this island to sell their shoes, so the representatives went to get a feel for the terrain.

One of the representatives called his headquarters back and said "trip is over, we gotta look somewhere else, nobody here even wears shoes". The other representative also called his headquarters and said "send all the shoes you got, market down here is wide open, nobody owns a pair of shoes yet!"

The truth is, that with as much Doom and Gloom you might be seeing, the market is truly wide open. More people in our country are looking for a better way to provide their family with a better quality of life, without being tied to an unsecure 9-5.

I urge you to look at your current situation, and the opportunity that we all have to make a huge impact on this new economy, and take action.

The people that take action now, will reap the rewards now, and many years to come.

To Your Success

Shane Clevenger